Strategic Public Contracting Advice

Here are some of the many services Michael E. Purdy Associates, LLC provides:

Bidding and Solicitation
  • Bidding and solicitation strategies
  • Develop and review RFPs, RFQs, Invitations to Bid
  • Bid evaluation analysis: responsiveness and responsibility
  • Advice on bid protests and appeals
  • Develop roster and blanket contracting programs
  • GC/CM contracting - advice on solicitation, selection, and contracting issues


  • Contract strategies and review
  • Obtaining competitive pricing
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Analysis of contract disputes
  • Contract management
  • Prevailing wage administration
  • Strategic approaches for documentation of contract events

Building a Solid Foundation

  • Review and evaluation of contracting policies and procedures
  • Develop revised policies and procedures
  • Pre-audit of contracting and procurement practices
  • Implementing changes to strengthen contracting practices
  • Help responding to audit reports


  • Comprehensive Public Works Bidding and Contracting (2 day class)
  • Writing Effective Technical Specifications
  • The Ethics of Public Contracting: Integrity, Transparency, and Appearances
  • The Changing World of Public Procurement and Contracting: Responses to the Global Market and Struggling U.S. Economy
  • Turning a Good Contract into a Good Project
  • When Bad Things Happen to Bids: Strategies for Ensuring a Successful Public Works Project
  • 13 Scary Things About Public Works Contracting
  • Tips for Managing and Surviving Audits
  • Determining Bidder Responsibility
  • Managing and Developing Supplemental Bidder Responsibility Criteria
  • Evaluating Bid Responsiveness
  • Receiving and Opening Public Works Bids
  • Insurance and Bonding
  • Prevailing Wages
  • Construction Change Orders
  • Public Works Contract Close-out: Bonding, Retainage and Claims
  • Introduction to Alternative Public Works Contracting
  • General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM)
  • GC/CM Subcontract Bidding
  • Design-Build Contracting
  • Job Order Contracting (JOC)
  • Managing and Developing RFPs and RFQs
  • Demystifying Public Works Bidding and Contracting (1 day class)
  • Comments from attendees in classes Mike has taught:

    • "Fantastic"
    • "Very easy to understand and follow...great flow to his presentation.  He makes the data easy to follow and understand."
    • "Concise and clear"
    • "Well prepared.  Ability to detail responses to our requests."
    • "Nice gentle demeanor.  Very professional."
    • "An excellent speaker"
    • "Knowledgeable...knows how to impart that knowledge"
    • "Great"
    • "One of the best I've attended...for Washington government construction professionals"
    • "The presentation and materials were well produced, and the presentation was engaging and provoked lively discussion and obvious learning.
    • "Excellent...He was informative.  His presentation was organized, easy to understand, and he made it interesting."
    • "An excellent public speaker.  Kept interest and emphasized what was important."
    • "Comfortable pace of presentation...clear and concise discussion throughout...Very knowledgeable and experienced."
    • "Mike, you rock!"
    • "Excellent teacher"
    • "The information that was presented was extremely well organized and informative.  It was the best web presentation I have attended."
    • "A great class of specification writing taught by the great Mike Purdy"
    • "Great demeanor.  Made you feel comfortable.  Very knowledgeable."
    • "An excellent speaker.  Very clear voice and excellent understanding of the subject matter."
    • "Clear, logical, and organized."
    • "Very articulate, great speaking skills, and very knowledgeable."
    • "Easy give and take style of presenting.  Allowed for a lot of audience comments and questions."
    • "Wonderfully clear and comprehensive delivery."
    • "Mike is a great teacher and presenter."
    • "He knows the subject very well, and explains it very well."
    • "Mike Purdy gave a very thorough training on public works.  He thoughtfully responded to questions throughout, and didn't pretend to have an answer the few times when he didn't know.  The materials he prepared were helpful during the training and I have referenced them since then."
    • "A knowledgeable and engaging instructor."
    • "An excellent instructor.  He is always well prepared, invites questions, and is very knowledgeable.  I know I will always take away valuable information."
    • "Best bidding/contracting training I have attended."
    • "Outstanding delivery of materials!  Mike's expert knowledge and presentation style contributed significantly to my enthusiasm for and understanding of the bidding and contracts material."
    • "Mike was engaging and made a point to address any and all questions.  Very clear and concise on all topics.  I liked that Mike addressed specific situations and used examples."
    • "Very well organized and presented."
    • "Excellent material and presentation."
    • "This was the best class/workshop/training I have been to regarding public works!"
    • "Mike is very engaging and makes it comfortable to participate."
    • "Mike is great - he gives great advice, backed by experience and practical examples."
    • "Mike Purdy was riveting and an absolutely fabulous instructor - easily the best NIGP instructor I've ever had.  More courses with him, please!"
    • "Very impressed with the presenter's knowledge and ability to answer questions."
    • "Very clear, engaging, and interactive."
    • "Probably the most informative public works presentation I've attended.  Lots of good, relevant material."
    • "Mike did an amazing job! Very easy to understand, polite, answered all questions."
    • "Great speaker - love the way you restate everyone's questions prior to your answers and comments."
    • "Mike is amazing!  I would absolutely take another class from him."
    • "Most worthwhile presentation that I have been to in years!"
    • "I have been to several of Mike Purdy's trainings and have always found him very positive and knowledgeable."
    • "I've never seen a presenter this good at repeating/paraphrasing audience questions."
    • "Mike is extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced.  Able to clearly communicate complex subject matter.  Gave great practical examples."

Management and Marketing Advice

  • Group facilitation
  • Management coaching
  • Organizational analysis and troubleshooting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Streamlining business operations
  • Developing business systems

Marketing Strategies

  • Business development
  • Proposal and qualifications preparation/review for consultants and contractors
  • Interview strategies, preparation, and coaching
  • Editing and writing

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